Top 10 Last Minute Goals in Football History

When all the time is spent and all the hopes are down and you are on the verge of a tie or failure, after a being involved in a tiring competition then suddenly your teammates get emotional and fortune comes in your favor for the last minute of the game and you score a drastic goal which leads your team to victory or opens the door for penalty shoot-outs, this is the moment happiness and real joy, i.e. the last minute goals.

Top 10 Last Minute Goals in Football History
Top 10 Last Minute Goals in Football.

Top 10 Last Minute Goals in Football History

1. NUMBER ONE (1989)
It was a match between ARSENAL AND LIVERPOOL as the champions final was taking place for the Premier League. There was a condition that Arsenal should score 2-0 in order to claim their win. The game was in its last few seconds and Arsenal had already scored a lead of 1 over 0 from the other side. It started seeming like a failure when suddenly Michael Thomas came up and scored another tragic goal aiding in the team’s victory.

2. NUMBER TWO (1995)
The final for UEFA cup was going on between Real Zaragoza and Arsenal and both teams were in a tie of 1-1. The extra crime was granted but the tiring result seemed to give no conclusion when suddenly Nayim emerged from the side of Zaragoza while he was the midfielder and scored the winning goal for his team.

3. NUMBER THREE (1999)
Champions league final was going on between MANCHESTER UNITED AND BAYERN MUNICH. It was 1-0 from the side of Manchester United due to a free kick led by Mario Basler. The team thought that they have secured the game and were just wasting the time passing each other when surprisingly in the last moments Ole Gunnar scored the ending goal to confirm the victory.

4. NUMBER FOUR (2001)
The match was among LIVERPOOL AND ARSENAL. Last five minutes were remaining and it was going to be a tie, but then Michael Owen came up with a winning goal in his pocket.

5. NUMBER FIVE (2001)
The semi-final was going between GREECE AND ENGLAND and England’s position was 2-1 in almost 70 minutes. A great struggle was made from the side of Germany to make it a draw but in the last few moments, another goal was scored from the side of England by Beckham.

6. NUMBER SIX (2004)
It was one of the preliminary games of the champion’s league, between OLYMPIAKOS AND LIVERPOOL. By 2-1 Liverpool was leading the match and was close to its triumph, only a single goal was required to confirm the win. In the last 4 minute of the game, Stevan Gerrard made a shocking goal for the opposing team to lose their hopes making them unable to recharge.

7. NUMBER SEVEN (2004)
The match was among MANCHESTER CITY AND TOTTENHAM. Tottenham was on a lead of 3-0 and Manchester was seeming to lose the game completely. Manchester struggled to make it a 3-3 level and just needed a single goal for victory which was then bravely scored by John Macken in the end moments before the referee could whistle for extra time to make the unexpected, astonishing win for his team.

8. NUMBER EIGHT (2006)
The most interesting game ever occurred in the FA cup final was the one between LIVERPOOL AND WEST HAM. West Hams were on a lead of 2-0 in the first half of the game. Liverpool seemed hopeful and managed to make the game level in the second half. Great opposition was offered from the side of West Ham and they again scored a goal to regain their lost lead, but this lead was taken away soon by the radical goal of Steven Gerrard from Liverpool side, from 37 yards away the goalkeeper, for all the amazement of West Ham in the 91 minute.

Liverpool then won the game in the Penalty shootouts.

9. NUMBER NINE (2008)
TOTTENHAM AND ARSENAL were on their rivalries in a match in 2008. Arsenal was on the lead of 4-2 and was just about to win the game. In the 89 minute of the game, a goal was scored from the side of Tottenham by Jenas opening the doors for hope for his team. The second goal was then scored by Aaron bringing the team to the level of their opponent for the penalty shootouts.

10. NUMBER TEN (2009)
The match was between BARCELONA AND CHELSEA and the team Barcelona was left with 10 men at the moment. Andres Iniesta emerged out for Barcelona’s victory by making a tremendous goal making Chelsea on the losing side.

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