Who is Likely to Win the UEFA Champions League This Season?

The group stages of the most coveted trophy in European football have almost come to an end with lots of surprises and big moments in its fold and double the excitement on its way as we gear up for the knockout stages of the tournament. 

With only one game left, each team gears up for the final preparation to either leave on a high or final bidding note to this season’s Champions League. To our disappointment, the overall picture of the tournament looks much clearer now as there is very little one can do after tanking 5 matches.  

Sorry, United fans, this wasn’t your year and it might take five more years before Man United can compete in the Champions League again, or even more if the Glazers are still right at the helm. Their arch-rivals on the other hand won their 5th straight game and are now 2-1 favorites for the tournament according to bet365 predictions. 

However, in all this certainty there are still three teams tightly clinging to the ladder, hoping against hope to make a comeback in the final week. Yes, Newcastle, AC Milan, and Shakhtar Donetsk are still in the hunt with PSG and Porto on a slippery slope, where one mistake can cost them qualification to the knockout stages. 

But in all this noise of a comeback and redemption, who is likely to win the Champions League this year? Will it be Pep Guardiola’s mentality monsters or the Champions League royalty Real Madrid? Or will the heavenly curtains embrace a new champion?  

In this piece, we are going to shortlist the top five contenders for a Champions League crown this year while revealing the likely winner based on internal analysis.  

UEFA Champions League

Man City

Pep Guardiola recently made the proclamation, “Champions League title will be less difficult than their long endeavor to win Europe’s top club competition”. And rightly so, as the squad looks strong as ever and even the Man City B team can give top European clubs a run for their money. 

It seems like Guardiola is chasing Zidane’s record and who knows this obsession might lead him and Mac City to their second European triumph. 

Real Madrid 

Even if they are struggling in the domestic league and taking Spanish Cups for fun, Real Madrid is the only team that never fails to bring their A-game to the Champions League roundup. 

And with new cavalry up their ranks along with some of the best-seasoned navigators that the game has ever seen, Real Madrid is undoubtedly the top contender for this year.

Bayern Munich 

It has been a few years since Bayern has grazed the much-coveted trophy but with an in-form Harry Kane among their ranks and a star-studded team built around him, we might be up for the upset of the ages with Bayern clinching the trophy out of City’s clutches. 

From a technical standpoint, they do have the squad to win it. It all depends on that squad clicking at the right moments. 


After an exceptional league season last year and an equally amazing Champions League start this year, Arsenal is the team to beat this year. A group that relied on the individual brilliance of a young star-studded last year now looks poised for the big leagues. 

The Gunner’s thrashing 6-0 victory over Lens was an announcement to the world that they are no team to trifle with and a permanent threat to the big guns in the round of 16. 


If there is a dark horse that might up the ante against all odds then it is FC Barcelona. The squad looks amazing on paper but has never lived up to the hype and expectations of fans for the past two seasons but who knows this might be their year. 

The injury-stricken squad is in a tight spot but their 2-1 comeback against Porto last weekend has certainly made them the dark horse of the tournament. 

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Final Thoughts

So, for the final roundup. Who is going to win the Champions League this season? According to popular and critical estimates, Man City is going to run riots through everyone. 

While we believe that with depth in their squad combined with their current form, Arsenal might shock everyone and win the Champions League, for the first time in their history. 

 Not a Gunners fan but this is what our predictive algorithms and heart are suggesting for now.

Written by Anna Stephens

Anna Stephens is an accomplished author and sports blogger with a passion for all things athletic. With a background in competitive sports, Anna brings a unique perspective to her writing, combining personal experiences with in-depth research and analysis.