The 10 Most Handsome MMA Fighters in the World in 2023

The UFC is a professional mixed martial arts organization that has been around the world since 1993. It is regarded as the top sport in America and is promoted by the biggest MMA promotion company in the world. MMA is one of the highest-paid sports in the world.

These attractive UFC competitors are more than just good-looking. They are also very skilled fighters. Although MMA has attracted viewers’ attention, it is nothing compared to the attention of those who tune in to watch the sexiest men in the ring competing for dominance. The top ten most attractive MMA fighters represent the height of attractiveness in the mixed martial arts community.

Let’s look at it.

Handsome MMA Fighters in the World in 2023

10. Ryan Bader

Most Handsome MMA Fighters in the world

Ryan DuWayne Bader is an American mixed martial artist. He is the current Bellator Heavyweight champion and one of the sexiest and hottest MMA fighters currently affiliated with Bellator MMA.

Before joining Bellator, he competed in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is not a star of action movies, but he still made our list of the top MMA fighters. He won three PAC – 10 championships and was a two-time NCCA D-I All-American wrestler.

9. Christopher Weidman

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Christopher Weidman is next on the most handsome MMA fighters list and is an American mixed martial artist. His aggressive fighting style, quick reflexes, and dashing demeanor won him a lot of admirers.

He is one of MMA sport’s most attractive competitors. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Christopher fights as a middleweight. His dashing persona places him in ninth place on the list of the ten hottest MMA fighters.

8. Roger Huerta

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Huerta became a star in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship back in the 2000s, where he won 20 of his 23 fights, with six of those wins coming via knockout. But things didn’t go well for him in the second half of his MMA career. In 2010, after two consecutive defeats, he terminated his contract with the UFC.

El Matador is the moniker given to him. Huerta is the first MMA competitor to appear on the Sports Illustrated cover.

7. Frank Mir

10 Most Handsome MMA Fighters

The American mixed martial artist and wrestler, Francois Santos Mir III, known as Frank Mir, is one of the most handsome UFC fighters. He has recently competed for Bellator MMA in the heavyweight division and has twice won the UFC heavyweight ultimate championship.

Prior to that, he had competed in the supreme combat championship for seventeen years. In 2001, he competed in his first UFC match and defeated Roberto Traven at UFC 34 by way of an arb submission.

In the Octagon, he has achieved numerous notable victories over well-known competitors.

On the list of the top ten most handsome MMA fighters, his muscular build and dapper demeanor have propelled him to position seven.

6. Stephen Thompson

top 10 Most Handsome MMA Fighters

 Stephen Thompson used to compete in kickboxing professionally. His father was a fighter and ran a karate school, and everyone in his family was required to take karate classes from the age of 3 to 16. He has dominated kickboxing competitions. He is currently a famous welterweight Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter and has fought several names in the UFC.

He represents the United States and competes in mixed martial arts. He used to be a full-contact kickboxer who won all of his fights, including 20 professional matches and 37 amateur ones. His powerful physique and charming personality place him in sixth place on the list of the top ten most attractive MMA fighters.

5. Carlos Condit

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Carlos Joseph Condit’s fighting skills, muscular body, and charismatic personality made him one of the most handsome MMA fighters. The former Mexico native and Interim Worldwide Champion in the UFC experienced many exciting moments in the octagon.

Condit is a trained mixed martial artist from the United States who competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Additionally, he competed in Pancrase and Shootboxing in Japan. With his powerful body and charismatic personality, he is ranked fifth among the top ten most attractive MMA fighters.

4. Charles Jourdain

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Charles is one of the most handsome and sexiest MMA fighters in the world. He competes in the UFC featherweight division as a French Canadian professional mixed martial artist.  The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s featherweight division is where Charles is currently competing. He had previously won two TKO Major League MMA championships. On our list of the top ten hottest MMA fighters, he comes in at number four thanks to his enormous stature and alluring personality.

3. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Next on the list of the most handsome MMA fighters is the famous Japanese mixed martial artist, Yoshihiro Akiyama.  He is an accomplished judoka, winning gold in judo at the Asian Games and Asian Championships. He is also known as Sung-hoon Choo.

He has always loved playing sports, and at the age of three, he started learning judo. He has experience in a variety of martial arts, including wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and karate. He greatly improved his athletic and competitive skills thanks to this early training. In addition, Akiyama is recognized as the previous winner of the K-1 Heros Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament.

Due to his powerful physique and aggressive demeanor, he is ranked third among the top 10 most attractive MMA fighters.

2. Dominick Rojelia Cruz

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

One of the most handsome MMA fighters, the US professional mixed martial artist Dominick Rojelio Cruz, is presently signed with the Ultimate Championship. He is a trained mixed martial artist from the United States.  He is a former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion and was also the final bantamweight titleholder of World Extreme Cagefighting.

Thanks to his muscular build and fashionable demeanour, Cruz takes the number two spot among the top ten hottest MMA fighters in the world.

1. Donald Cerrone

Most Handsome MMA Fighters

Donald is one of the most attractive and handsome fighters in the Octagon. Due to his reputation for jumping into fights on short notice for the thrill, and because of his endearing demeanour, he enjoys strong support from his followers. He has an incredible UFC record of 23-10, with ten wins by knockout, six victories via submission, and seven decision wins.

He received a number of honors, including the title of MMA Fighter of the Year in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

On the list of the top 10 most attractive MMA fighters, he takes the top spot thanks to his stunning appearance and appealing demeanor.

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