The Dark Secrets of the IPL | Dark Side of IPL

The Dark Secrets of the IPL, is exploring the dark side of Indian Premier League which includes mismanagements, unfair flow of money, exploitation of players and other staff, match fixing etc.

The Indian Premier League is the most celebrated T20 event around the globe. Its popularity grows exponentially with every passing year. Here, everything is top notch from World class players to renowned commentators. Everything in this place is of the highest caliber, including the players and commentators. Even the IPL cheerleaders who entertain the audience with their special acts should be given their share of the credit. Their combined efforts have contributed significantly to the enormous success of this tournament.

A fairytale is never truly a fairytale unless it contains some sinister secrets. Despite all the entertainment the IPL has offered over the years, no one can dispute the other side of the coin, which has been in the limelight for the past five to six years. With contention of match-fixing and teams being suspended for allegedly participating in betting, this competition has turned cricket into a lucrative revenue stream for the BCCI. But something is wrong with it. Does the management make a real effort to change things? The answer to that question is still merely stylistic, but its effects have not yet become apparent.

The Dark Secrets of the IPL

● Cheerleader confessions

The Dark Secrets of IPL | Dark Side of IPL

This side of the IPL has been in the news for several sessions. The foreign cheerleaders who come from different countries like the United States, Australia, Russia, Canada, or other states of the world have found it difficult to perform in front of the Indian audience. In 2011, cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto raised her concerns over the flirtatious parties that were organized by her employer, Mumbai Indians.

She had spoken out against all the parties that were going on through her blog, and reportedly, a lot of players had privacy concerns with this blog. After this, communication between players and cheerleaders was completely prohibited.

Some cheerleaders expressed worry that the way the male spectators view them objectifies what they do and wear. Since the team management did not give them a suitable place to stay.

●  After-Parties

The Dark Secrets of IPL | After-parties

The IPL promised to be an entertaining competition for both the spectators and the cricket players when it first began. In order to give the players a chance to unwind and share a meal after their strenuous field activities, the authorities decided to organize after-parties. So the authorities decided to organize after-parties where the players could relax and enjoy a meal together following their grueling field activities.

The IPL has a strong “after party” culture, which makes sense given that the competition aims to bring together individuals from various cultures. However, none of these gatherings over the years ended up being particularly memorable.

The majority of the players started drinking, which caused horrible things to happen. Even a few of the players walked the ramp with the models.

● Expansion of local talent

The Dark Secrets of IPL exploration of local talent

It was claimed that the Indian Premier League would provide more opportunities for India’s uncapped cricket players, but it turned out that team management had been more concerned with selecting teams that could win the competition than it had been with providing more opportunities for young players.

Experimenting with young talent has become risky as it has become crucial for these teams to avoid losing. The tournament’s overall goals are not served by this at all, but an odd name keeps popping up and stealing the show.

● Payment Issues

The Dark Secrets of IPL | Dark Side of IPL payment issues

 Two cheerleaders from Ukraine who worked for the Rajasthan franchise a few years ago confirmed that their payments occasionally weren’t made on time. Additionally, they bemoaned their difficulties obtaining food and other necessities while traveling, which are typically unavailable.

They are primarily placed in one-star hotels, which lack adequate amenities. Some of the girls have also acknowledged that the presence of animal droppings in the rooms makes their hostels far too filthy to occupy.

● Fixing Master- Minds of IPL

The Dark Secrets of IPL | Dark Side of IPL match fixing

Reports of match-fixing have been constantly plaguing the IPL. The BCCI has attempted to permanently fix the issue but to no avail. The 2013 incident has left very noticeable scars on the tournament’s reputation and has continued to haunt it. S.Sreesanth, Ankit Chavan, and Ajit Chandila were barred from playing in both domestic and international cricket due to their involvement in match-fixing. The legitimacy of the games is a subject of some concern.

Numerous other games were debated and frequently cited as examples of games that came down to the last over.

● Massive Flow of Cash from Betting

The Dark Secrets of IPL |Betting

We can still debate about fixing aspects, but there is no question whatsoever when it comes to betting. It’s possible that this has affected the tournament more than match-fixing has. This has been a significant issue for the tournament, possibly even more so than match-fixing. This has been a significant issue for the tournament, possibly even more so than match-fixing. The Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were slapped with two-year bans for their owners’ alleged involvement in betting.

Every session, we witness numerous gang members being apprehended in bars and other public places while spending money on this, but we have yet to discover a way to stop it. Although we don’t fully understand the potential changes legalized betting could bring about, it seems like the only sensible solution.

● Racism

The Dark Secrets of IPL | racism

It has been observed that cheerleaders are mostly of foreign origin and fair, Some cheerleaders say that the organizers do not want to keep any black girls on the cheerleading team. Some cheerleaders claimed that the organizers’ refusal to let the Indian girls wear skinny clothing amounted to racism. Numerous gifted girls are denied opportunities to perform as a result of such racism.

Fake IPL Player Blog

The Dark Secrets of IPL | Fake blog

In 2009, a lot of discussions were made about this blog. Many derogatory remarks about Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar were made in this blog. When it first appeared on the blog, it was stated that he was expressing his rage over being left off the starting XI. Later, it was revealed that a person named Anupam Mukherjee was handling this blog.

● Exploitation

The Dark Secrets of IPL | Dark Side of IPL Exploration

.The IPL officials give it the least attention, if not outright disregard it. According to the cheerleaders, most of the Indian audience treats them as sex dollars. They yell out words that are extremely profane. One of the cheerleaders added that they must wear uncomfortable clothing that is improperly designed and that the fans don’t value their art form.

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