Sabina Altynbekova: Everything you need to know about Kazakhstan’s Volleyball player

Sabina Altynbekova is a talented Kazakhstani volleyball player who rose to fame in 2014 during the Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship. Her stunning beauty caught the attention of the media, and she quickly became an internet sensation. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Sabina Altynbekova, including her height, net worth, family, and career.

Too Beautiful To Play? Everything You Need To Know About Sabina Altynbekova

Who is Sabina Altynbekova?

Sabina Altynbekova was born on November 5, 1996, in Aktobe, Kazakhstan. She is a professional volleyball player who has played for the Kazakhstan national team. Sabina began playing volleyball at the age of 10 and quickly developed a passion for the sport. She joined the junior national team in 2012 and has since represented Kazakhstan in various international competitions.

Sabina Altynbekova Everything about her

Sabina Altynbekova’s Height

Sabina Altynbekova is known for her striking beauty and tall stature. Her height is one of the most searched topics on the internet. According to our research, Sabina Altynbekova is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall. Her height gives her an advantage on the volleyball court, as she can reach higher than most players.

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Sabina Altynbekova’s Parents

Sabina Altynbekova was born to parents Nurken and Nuripa Altynbekov. Her father, Nurken, is a former volleyball player who played for the Kazakhstan national team. Sabina inherited her talent and passion for volleyball from her father. Her mother, Nuripa, is a housewife who has been supportive of Sabina’s career from the beginning.

Sabina Altynbekova

Early Life and Education

Sabina Altynbekova grew up in Aktobe, a city in western Kazakhstan. She started playing volleyball at a young age and quickly showed great potential. Her talent and hard work earned her a spot in the Kazakhstan national volleyball team, and she continued to hone her skills while studying physical education at the Eurasian National University in Astana.

Sabina Altynbekova’s Career

Sabina Altynbekova’s career in volleyball began when she joined the junior national team in 2012. She quickly rose through the ranks and was selected to play for the senior national team in 2013. Sabina’s stunning beauty and exceptional talent caught the attention of the media during the 2014 Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship. She became an internet sensation, and her popularity skyrocketed overnight.

Sabina Altynbekova’s success on the volleyball court continued as she helped Kazakhstan win the gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games. She was also named the “Most Beautiful Volleyball Player” at the competition.

In 2015, Sabina Altynbekova played for the Kazakhstan national team in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Cup. Although her team did not win the competition, Sabina’s exceptional talent and beauty continued to capture the hearts of volleyball fans around the world.

Rise to Fame

Sabina Altynbekova’s rise to fame can be traced back to the Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship in Taipei in 2014. During the tournament, she helped lead the Kazakhstan team to victory, and her stunning looks quickly caught the attention of the media. Photos and videos of Sabina quickly went viral on social media, and she became an instant sensation.

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Since her rise to fame, Sabina Altynbekova has continued to make waves in the world of volleyball. She has represented Kazakhstan in numerous international competitions, including the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship and the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship. She has also won several awards, including the Best Server and Best Scorer awards at the 2015 Asian Women’s U23 Volleyball Championship.

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Personal Life

Despite her fame and success, Sabina Altynbekova remains down-to-earth and focused on her career. She is known for her dedication and hard work, both on and off the court. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and spending time with her family and friends.

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Sabina Altynbekova Net Worth

According to various online sources, Sabina Altynbekova, the famous volleyball player from Kazakhstan, has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million as of 2020-2022. She earned this money through her career as a professional volleyball player. However, it is important to note that net worth estimates are often speculative and can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors.

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What Happened to Sabina Altynbekova?

After her rise to fame, Sabina Altynbekova’s career took an unexpected turn. Despite her immense talent and potential, she struggled to find a place on a professional volleyball team. As a result, she decided to retire from the sport in 2016 at the age of 20.

Since then, Altynbekova has focused on other pursuits, including modeling and acting. She has also used her platform to advocate for important causes, such as environmental protection and women’s rights.

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What is Sabina Altynbekova Doing Now?

In 2019, Sabina Altynbekova, the Kazakh striker, signed with Italian club VolAlto 2.0 Caserta, which had recently been promoted to the first division. However, shortly after she joined the team, the club ceased operations, leaving Altynbekova without a club.

Altynbekova got married at the end of 2020, and in the fall of 2021, she gave birth to a son. There is no news about her current plans for returning to playing volleyball, but fans will undoubtedly be eager to see her back on the court if she decides to do so.

Sabina Altynbekova – Too Beautiful for Volleyball?

Sabina Altynbekova, a volleyball player from Kazakhstan, gained a large following on social media after her debut in the Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship. With over 1.1 Million followers on Instagram, many fans across Asia have become enamored with her good looks. However, the attention on her physical appearance became overwhelming, leading Altynbekova and her coach to plead with people to focus on the sport instead.

Some media outlets even went so far as to claim that Altynbekova was too beautiful for volleyball. Despite this, Altynbekova has continued to pursue her passion for the sport and has also launched her own sports fashion brand, S20.

Altynbekova has remained out of the media spotlight in recent years, and she is not currently playing for the Kazakh national volleyball team. However, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting athletes for their skills and achievements, rather than solely focusing on their physical appearance.


Sabina Altynbekova is a talented volleyball player who has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Her height, parents, and career have been the subject of much interest and speculation on the internet.

She is a rising star in the world of volleyball. With her dedication and hard work, she is sure to achieve even greater success in the future.

We hope that this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable information about Sabina Altynbekova.

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