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Best Scorers Women’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2023

The 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League proved to be an electrifying and memorable event, culminating in Türkye’s sensational triumph as they claimed the title by defeating the People’s Republic of China in the final. Hosted in the United States, the tournament showcased the finest display of women’s international volleyball, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe.

From 30th May to 16th July 2023, fans witnessed awe-inspiring athleticism and fierce competition at the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas.

As the fifth edition of the prestigious FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League, the competition featured some of the world’s top teams vying for glory on the court. This annual event has become a highlight on the volleyball calendar, bringing nations together and celebrating the sport’s skill, spirit, and camaraderie.

A notable inclusion in this edition was the debut of Croatia, who replaced Belgium after their performance in the 2022 Nations League and 2022 Challenger Cup. Croatia’s entry into the tournament injected a fresh dose of excitement and anticipation, with fans eager to see how they would fare against more seasoned opponents.

In the climactic final, Türkye showcased their determination and talent as they overcame a formidable Chinese team in a thrilling four-set encounter. The Turkish players demonstrated incredible teamwork, tactical prowess, and skill, earning them their first-ever VNL title and etching their names in volleyball history.

China, on the other hand, exhibited a spectacular display of volleyball throughout the tournament. Their exceptional performances secured them the silver medal, marking their best result in the Women’s Nations League to date. Their journey showcased the depth of talent and dedication within Chinese women’s volleyball.

Meanwhile, Poland left their mark on the competition by securing their first medal of the tournament. In a hard-fought battle for the bronze, Poland emerged victorious by defeating the United States in an intense five-set match.

The American team, playing in front of their home crowd, put up an impressive fight, but ultimately, Poland’s tenacity and skill earned them a spot on the podium.

One standout player who left an indelible impression on the tournament was Melissa Vargas from Türkye. Her exceptional performances throughout the competition earned her the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP). Vargas’ dominance on the court, scoring prowess, and contributions to her team’s success made her a key factor in Türkye’s triumph.

Top 10 BEST SCORERS Women’s Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2023

1. Stysiak Magdalena

  • Team: POL
  • Points: 298
  • Attack Points: 258
  • Block Points: 33
  • Serve Points: 7
  • Shirt Number: 9
Magdalena Stysiak Tallest Athlete

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2. Li Yingying

  • Team: CHN
  • Points: 291
  • Attack Points: 262
  • Block Points: 15
  • Serve Points: 14
  • Shirt Number: 12
Li Yingying Best Scorers Women's Volleyball Nations League

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3. Nwakalor Sylvia Chinelo

  • Team: ITA
  • Points: 246
  • Attack Points: 210
  • Block Points: 33
  • Serve Points: 3
  • Shirt Number: 15
Nwakalor Sylvia Chinelo

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4. Gonzalez Lopez Gaila Ceneida

  • Team: DOM
  • Points: 239
  • Attack Points: 197
  • Block Points: 28
  • Serve Points: 14
  • Shirt Number: 23
Gonzalez Lopez Gaila Ceneida

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5. Gray Alexa

  • Team: CAN
  • Points: 231
  • Attack Points: 208
  • Block Points: 13
  • Serve Points: 10
  • Shirt Number: 9
Gray Alexa Best Scorers Women's Volleyball Nations League

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6. Vargas Melissa Teresa

  • Team: TUR
  • Points: 227
  • Attack Points: 194
  • Block Points: 14
  • Serve Points: 19
  • Shirt Number: 4

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7. Orthmann Hanna

  • Team: GER
  • Points: 224
  • Attack Points: 196
  • Block Points: 12
  • Serve Points: 16
  • Shirt Number: 12
Orthmann Hanna Best Scorers Women's Volleyball Nations League

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8. Martinez Brayelin Elizabeth

  • Team: DOM
  • Points: 215
  • Attack Points: 185
  • Block Points: 24
  • Serve Points: 6
  • Shirt Number: 20

9. Nishida Sarina

  • Team: JPN
  • Points:209
  • Attack Points: 173
  • Block Points: 18
  • Serve Points: 18
  • Shirt Number: 3

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10. Karakurt Ebrar

  • Team: TUR
  • Points: 193
  • Attack Points: 161
  • Block Points: 18
  • Serve Points: 14
  • Shirt Number: 99
Turkey vs Italy

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The 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League once again underlined the global appeal and competitive nature of women’s volleyball. It showcased the growth of the sport, with new entrants like Croatia making their mark and established powerhouses like China and the United States continuing to provide thrilling competition.

As the teams return to their respective countries, they carry with them the experiences, memories, and lessons from this extraordinary tournament. Fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the next edition of the Women’s Nations League, where new stories of triumph and determination will be written on the court. Until then, Türkye can savor their well-deserved victory as the reigning champions of the 2023 VNL. (source)

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