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Top 10 Hottest Wags at Euro 2016

Top 10 Hottest Wags Daniella Semaan

One of the largest and most enjoyable competition within the world of soccer, UEFA euro Cup, is happening in France in 2016. A tricky competition taking place as Europe’s high-profile soccer teams are taking part, and it’s an excitement for the audience. There are players and groups to watch out for like Spain, Germany, Belgium etc who would possibly entertain the soccer lovers. But these fine soccer battles also will bring worlds most beautiful WAGs alongside. Let’s have a glance at the list who has made it to the top: These are Top 10 Hottest Wags.

10. Elena Bonzanni – Valon Behrami-Switzerland:

Top 10 Hottest Wags
31 years old Swiss international, Valon Behrami plays for the Premier League club, Watford. He has been married to 33-year-old Elena Bonzanni. Elena is one of the top 10 hottest Wags the Euro 2016. The brunette is Italian, born in Bergamo. The couple has a child named Sofia Behrami.

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9. Edurne Gracia – David De Gea-Spain:

Top 10 Hottest Wags
David De Gea, Manchester United stopper has been in a relationship with the 30 years old pop singer Edurne Gracia. The blonde beauty is one of the most beautiful and hot WAGs at Euro 2016. Both of the lovers are born in Madrid, Spanish capital. Edurne is professionally a singer, actress, and TV presenter. She got public recognition when she took part in a Spanish casting show and finished at 6th position. She started her singing career with Sony BMG Spain and her first album was also named as ‘Edurne’. She has been once nominated for “40 principal awards”. The couple is together since 2010.

8. Kathrin Brommel – Mario Gotze

Top 10 Hottest Wags Kathrin Brommel
The 2014 World Cup winner Mario Gotze has scored a beauty off the pitch. His wife, named Kathrin Brommel, born in 1989 and is the daughter to Raimund Brömmel, Sabine Brömmel. The couple has a healthy relation. Gotze was once spotted on a holiday with his wife and a boner, that was a pretty awkward picture.

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7. Kadri Sagna – Bacary Sagna – France

Top 10 Hottest Wags Kadri Sagna
Kadri Sagna is the wife of the Arsenal and French football player Bacary Sagna. Kadri is a French-Algerian model and owns a children’s line of clothes. It has been reported the couple knew each other from a time when they were kids and began their relationship when they were in teenage. Kadri is a mother of 2 children, both from the same husband. The couple got married in 2010 after the first child was born in 2009.

6. Mimishelini – Fedor Smolvo – Russia:

Top 10 Hottest Wags
Russian star Fedor Smolvo has a new girlfriend named Mimishelini and she is too hot to handle. This young Instagram beauty is simply a delight to eyesight.

5. Viktoria Varga – Graziano Pelle – Italy:

Top 10 Hottest Wags Viktoria Varga
Viktoria is a model, born in Hungry, and has a height 5 feet 9 inches. Graziano and his girlfriend have a love story to pay attention. Pelle found Varga on Facebook and began sending her messages. She was hesitant to accept the advances at first but soon changed her tune.

Varga told Pelle she was in Gyor and told him to find her. One thing led to another and they met at a hotel room, with Pelle offering her 100 roses as an introduction gift. The couple has been dating for 4 years now.

4. Sara Carbonero – Casillas – Spain:

Top 10 Hottest Wags
Sara Carbonero is a professional Spanish journalist who is currently in a relation with the Spanish and ex-Real Madrid stopper Iker Casillas. Both are known to have been in a relationship for a long time from now. She has moved to Portugal after her boyfriend was signed by FC Porto. She has been voted as the sexiest journalist in the world, and one of the Top 10 Hottest Wags in football world.

3. Viktoria Konoplyanka – Yevhan Konoplyanka – Ukraine:

Top 10 Hottest Wags Viktoria Konoplyanka
Ukraine’s beauty is well known all around the world and an example of it is Sevilla’s winger’s wife Viktoria Konoplyanka. Yevhan is a Ukraine international who joined Sevilla in 2015 after playing 8 years in Ukraine with the club Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. This guy has a stunning wife and one can’t take his eyes off her.

2. Daniella Semaan – Cesc Fabregas – Spain:

Top 10 Hottest Wags Daniella Semaan
It is hard to believe that this Lebanon beauty is actually 41 years. She was born in June 1975 and has been in a relationship with Spanish and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas since 2011. Daniella was married to a businessman named Elie Taktouk but got a divorce as she was caught cheating with the Arsenal’s skipper. She is a mother of 4 children, 2 with the former husband, and 2 with the current spouse. She has been spotted kissing with Fabregas a lot of time and is one of the Top 10 Hottest Wags in the football world.

1. Sam Cooke – Chris Smalling – England:

Top 10 Hottest Wags Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke is the wife of Manchester United and England center back Chris Smalling. Cooke is a glamorous model and a page 3 girl belonging to Manchester. She had worked as a house and Dj and has worked in clubs in countries such as Malaysia, Ibiza, and Egypt. This blonde beauty is at the first position in our countdown of Top 10 Hottest Wags due to her extraordinary look.

Top 10 Hottest Wags at Euro 2016

  1. Sam Cooke
  2. Daniella Semaan
  3. Viktoria Konoplyanka
  4. Sara Carbonero
  5. Viktoria Varga
  6. Mimishelini
  7. Kadri Sagna
  8. Mario Gotze
  9. Edurne Gracia
  10. Elena Bonzanni

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