Funny Penalty Moments in Football

NEYMAR JR Neymar Jr isn’t not only scoring goals in his professional life but his private life is just as impressive. The Brazilian wonder kid has been compared to Pelé and some believe he’s even better than Lionel Messi. Although this is debatable, Neymar is now one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.

If you think he’s humble and happy with simple pleasures, think again. Neymar likes the finer things in life and that usually comes with a price tag to match. While the average Joe might splurge on themselves once a month with some fresh kicks or a plane ticket overseas, Neymar once dropped $23,700 on shoes in one day. In fact, crazy single splurges are.

Neymar’s specialty, also casually spending $235,000 on Gaga Milano watches in a single shopping session. When it comes to cruising the streets, Neymar has a few expensive cars to choose from. Open the garage and you’ll find an Audi RS-7, Maserati MC12, and a Porsche Panamera just to name a few. And you’re not rich unless you have a yacht, an $8 million dollar yacht to be exact.

are right now and manchester city well yes in the second half it did but as I said in the first half it was a competitive game we could have also scored one or two more goals in the first half but uh obviously everybody knows how good they are one of the top teams in the world uh and oh yeah there is a gap between the two clubs right now and in the second half, it became even more obvious obviously there’s a number of games to go but potentially how damaging could this be for your fight for the top four.

yeah we are fully aware that we need to win games uh this was one of the most difficult ones that we have to play but as I said now it’s about accepting although it’s difficult accepting that they were the better team today um and now look for look forward to and ahead of to the next games and make sure that we win especially the next two home games are essential for us and we.