Cristiano Ronaldo Rare Unforgettable Moments


Neville mentioned to Sky Sports that in Ronaldo’s early years at Manchester United he didn’t think the Portuguese player would reach the heights he is today. But after 200506 his body underwent a complete transformation as he went from thin and skinny to someone else entirely. Something else had also changed: his scoring ability, his decision making and his level of maturity had also changed! Ronaldo thrilled everyone who saw him play!



Manchester United won three consecutive Premier League titles during this period and also won the Champions League in 2008 when Ronaldo opened the scoring for his team with his fabulous header. The team then managed to beat Chelsea on penalties. According to Neville, the period between 2006 and 2008 was incredible.

The comeback moment from the 2006 World Cup is what Ronaldo remembers as the moment Ronaldo changed completely. Apparently, there was a major incident with fellow club-mate Wayne Rooney during the international match. Portugal suffered consequences in a game against England in the quarter-finals round of the tournament.

During that game, Rooney was sent off for a punch on Ricardo Carvalho. This was preceded by protests from Ronaldo, who came back as someone who gets a lot of national hatred in England. He had acquired a terrible reputation in the newspapers. He’d suddenly matured, almost overnight, and changed physically, Neville said. And at that moment he felt a great change. It wasn’t just a moment on the pitch during a game.